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Vacuum Feedthroughs, Heating Elements, and Custom Thermal Systems for
Aerospace, University Research, Semiconductor, Medical and OEM Applications

Electric Heaters

Electric Heating Elements for OEM, R&D, and Industrial Applications

BCE Is a highly recognized supplier of electric heaters for a variety of industries worldwide.  Offering a comprehensive array of heater products, both industry standard, and custom designs, to suit virtually any thermal processing equipment.


Cartridge heaters provide localized heat in restricted work areas requiring close thermal control. Dies, platens and a variety of other types of processing equipment are efficiently heated. Closely controlled work temperatures up to 1400° F (760° C) are obtained by a combination of heater location and proper wattage output.

  • Temperatures up to 760°C (higher temps available ask BCE Engineer)
  • Many standard diameters available
  • Inconel and 300 series sheaths
  • Highly compacted heaters
  • Custom manufactured to specifications
  • UL/CSA/CE recognition available
  • Metric sized available
  • ISO 9001 certified system 


Mica, ceramic, and aluminum band heaters available in all standard sizes and termination styles. Configurations for all plastics industry equipment including injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion. Manufactured in on or two piece constructions

  • 11.5” to 22.5” Diameters
  • Three or more sections are used when heaters or larger diameters are needed
  • Holes and cutouts are available
  • Many standard diameters available
  • UL/CSA/CE recognition available
  • ISO 9001 certified system


BCE’s silicone rubber and polyimide heaters take advantage of the unique properties of silicone and polyimide to provide flexible heating elements of unparalleled performance.

  • Rapid custom flexible heater prototypes of silicone rubber or polyimide
  • Polyimide heaters offer high tensile strength and tear resistance with precise heat distribution
  • A collaborative process that optimizes both your technical and business requirements
  • In-house circuit design and photo tool production
  • Agency compliance and approval
  • ISO 9001 certified system
  • Rigorous document control system to lock into verified prototype outcome
  • Quality standard checks  


Industrial tubular immersion heating elements are used for direct liquid heating applications. They are fabricated of one or more heater elements brazed or welded into various types of fittings. Custom or standard engineered electric heater designs are available for made-to-order solutions to your thermal application requirements.

  • Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage Industries
  • Oil, Gas, Petrochem, and Chemical Industries
  • Power Industry
  • Primary and Secondary Metals Processing 


BCE ceramic thick film heaters are easily customized into a variety of shapes and sizes, and provide excellent heat transfer. Long life is assured by precise thermal matching between ceramics and resistor traces.

  • Virtually unlimited in shape or size.
  • Single or double sides, one or two layers per side.
  • High purity applications no problem.
  • Precise control and uniformity via custom watt densities and patterns.
  • Distributed wattage for ideal application of heat to part with minimal losses.
  • Multiple heating zone capabilities for more precise control.
  • Available in virtually any voltage, AC or DC.
  • Integrated sensors including thermistors, thermostats, thermal fuses, and printed RTD's.
  • Wide variety of lead configurations conforming to shock and vibration, vacuum and purity standards. 


Mineral insulated cable heaters can be shaped to a wide variety of forms and sizes delivering high temperatures to areas where standard heaters are impractical due to size or space restrictions. MI Cable heaters can be designed to cover cylindrical areas that require constant heat patterns. Custom-formed mineral insulated cable heaters are transitioned with a vapor resistant transition to a flexible lead wire, which can have additional protective jackets such as stainless steel braid or stainless steel armor.

The delta T between the heating element sheath and the internal wire is minimal which allows you to use high watt density heating elements without any failure, particularly with gas heating.

  • Resistance tolerance +/-10%
  • Standard voltage 120 or 240
  • Maximum temperature: 815°C
  • 0.040” to 0.250” available consult BCE for more information 
Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heaters

High, medium, and low watt-density cartridge heaters.

Gas and Pumpline Heaters

Flanged Gas Line Heater

Gas and pump line heaters.

Flexible Heater

Flexible Heaters

Custom shapes and sizes, low outgassing, silicone rubber, Kapton, Mylar

Circulation Heater

Circulation Heaters

Circulation heaters for water, oils, and steam to chemicals and hydrocarbon gases.

Immersion Heater

Immersion Heaters

Threaded and flanged tubular immersion heaters.

Ultimate Gas Heater

Band Heaters

Clamp-on band heaters for heating barrels and cylinders.

Cable Heater

Cable Heaters

Cable heaters used for fluid & gas immersion, clamping, or coiling.

Air Process Heater

Air Process Heaters

Electric heaters for flowing air or gasses.


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